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Apr 22, 2011

Yamaha Mio MC Racing using Coil Kawasaki KX600

Motor Drag Yamaha Mio 2008 Modified by MC Racing & Marsell, use larger pistons (bored-up) taken from there. "The capacity is now up to 300 cc," he said. Results of this magnitude obtained from Hispeed piston diameter 66 mm with 86 mm steps.
Yamaha Mio 2008 - MC Racing.
Then, the uniform in the cylinder head was done well. With the valve entrance 34 mm in diameter umbrella on the inlet and exhaust 31 mm. "From here, made his own concoction about camshaft (noken as).
Gambar Setang Motor Drag Yamaha Mio from Honda Sonic.
Carburator for Supply air mixture is also used karbu Keihin PE 28 Reamer 31 mm, from Motor Honda NSR SP. Skep Karburator using from Motor Yamaha TZM diameter 30 mm. for running smoothly in top speed. While the ignition sector (CDI), still relied upon the standard COIL from Kawasaki KX600, combined with NGK spark plug wires that distribute it to the spark plugs NGK Platinum CR9EIA-9 on a mount that uses an aluminum frame that weighs about 3 kg's. In the power distribution sector the engine to the wheels, pulleys use the CVT-owned Yamaha Fino and Yamaha Fino aftermarket roller 14 grams. Medium standard fixed belt. Belt for Two times running/race.

It is unique on the front frame. Triangle clamp disposable owned Honda Sonic, but already dibubut for lighter. Then the next sokbreker was using Sonic's."The diameter of the outer sleeve dibubut for lightly," said Marsel. Consequently, the steeds with Denny Helen is a successful jockey booked a time 7.6 seconds for a distance of 201 m in Drag Bikes Race. The result could be on the podium at several events drag bikes Race (Balap motor Drag). [Source:] [Photos Courtesy:] 
Sokbreker YSS for Motor Drag Yamaha Mio.
Specification of Modification Motor Drag Yamaha Mio 2008 MC Racing.
Yamaha Mio Chassis (Sasis)Custom aluminum
Piston usingHispeed Brands, Size 66 mm
ValveIn / Ex, size 34/31 mm
CarburatorKeihin PE 28, Skep from Yamaha TZM
Main jet/pilot jet42/140
CoilsKawasaki KX 600
Spark plug / spark plug wiresNGK
Pulley/PuliYamaha Fino
Roller14 gr (Aftermarket for Yamaha Fino)
Gas tankCustom 500 ml
Front & Rear RimsArkont
Front & Rear TiresMizzle brands, size 50/90-17 / Vee Rubber, 60/80
Front & Rear ShockHonda Sonic / YSS Brands