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Mar 20, 2011

The Champion Matic Drag Bike Yamaha Mio 200cc

Yamaha Mio 200cc Drag Bike
Piston Honda CBR returned victorious to shoot straight aje racing. Like the Yamaha geberan M.Ramji from Tomo Speed ​​Shop who champion an automatic tune-up classes to 200 cc. On Day Batlle KYT Drag Bike Enduro in Lanud Wiriadinata.

For piston head also contrived corner edges. In order to meet the squish in the cylinder head which formed the corner as well. But Tomo did not know this angle. Understandably head is made in Thailand.

Thai-made head is carrying the 31/27 mm valve. Rada size strange indeed. Because usually using the valve-sized EE 31/25, 5 mm. According to Tomo.

DATA MODIFICATION of Yamaha Mio 200cc
 Front tire: Eat My Dust 45/90x17
Rear tire: Eat My Dust 60/80x17
Houses mounted on a roller: Fino
Ratio: 15/40
Roller: 9 grams
Gaskets blocks: 1 mm
CDI: Fino
Magnet: Dibubut


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