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Feb 21, 2011

Kids Drag Race RMC Raceway

RMC Raceway A place for your kids to Race

Reading Motorcycle club has its history dating back to the early 1900’s, being recognized in 1911 as a M.&T.A.T. member, then becoming AMA #4.

Reading MC has always been involved in competition, first with a motorcycle polo team, to sponsoring dirt track racing to running their own events on the clubs property in Oley Valley, racing hair scrambles, then getting involved with drag racing.
Youth racing has always been a huge part of racing at RMC, just as it is today.
Our track has progressed from dirt in the early 70’s to blacktop in the mid 90’s. For 2011, RMC has gone the extra mile and is in the process of a complete renovation including barriers and new blacktop. With over 18 classes, DOUBLE ELIMINATION ladders, there are classes for every type of bike.
Children as young as 5 years old have participated in our youth program.

Junior Youth class is for kids 5 to 10 years old, Senior Youth is for kids 11-16 years old, both run on .500 full tree dial in format.
We also hold a FUNdamental day before the start of the season and have a seminar for kids and adults who would like to learn what it takes to race. Class starts in the clubhouse with emphasis on routine, understanding of the starting tree and fundamentals of racing. After lunch, track time is permitted with hands on training.
Below is a picture of the kids getting ready for their track time at FUNdamental day.
Our next set of ET classes is for adults:
Sportsman ET runs on a .500 full tree dial in format and Pro ET runs on a .400 pro tree dial in format.
“Run What you got and hope you have enough!”
If your game is heads up racing, our modified classes are for you. All classes are run on a .400 pro tree, heads up first to the finish wins. Classes are based on engine cc’s from as small as Junior Modified (0-350cc),Senior Modified, (up to 750cc), Super Modified, (up to 1100cc’s),Pro Britt, (all british 2 cylinder pushrod motors), Pro Modified, (up to 1450cc), Prostreet Pushrod, Prostreet OHC, and Unlimited class, anything goes!

We also run two index classes, Super Comp, (6.50 index) and Pro Comp, (5.50 index).
Below are some of our class champions for 2010

Orion Fichter, Pro Modified and Pro Street Champion

Randy Long, Prostreet Pushrod Champion

Derek Christensen(far) Prostreet OHC & Unlimited Runnerup

Dennis “Flyin’ Fuzz” Guth , Pro Comp Champion

Ed Hillegass, Pro ET Champion

Jason Masciantonio, Junior Youth Champion

Dillon Davies, Senior Youth Champion
Come on out and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at RMC, weather you are a racer or a spectator, RMC Raceway is a place to bring the whole family. 


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