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Feb 21, 2011

Drag Bike Racer Ashley DeTurck

Ashley DeTurck, 15 years old going nuts waiting for my 16th birthday in February. I can’t wait to get my license and earn my NHRA competition license. I have been racing since I was 5 years old learning on a Yamaha pw50 that was my older brothers first bike. From the moment I was born, being around race bikes all the time it was a no brainer what I wanted to do when I got older. I would always help (actually get in the way) from the time I could walk until I learned how to ride. When I was three My grandfather took me to tech for the first time at Maple Grove Raceway for the Keystone Nationals.

I finished this year undefeated in super modified and finished in second place in pro modified with my little motor! My best time last year was a 4.94 ET at 105 MPH. This year we are stepping it up with help from Brad at the RPM Shop, plans are 1425cc , GPZ head and setting it up to play with everyone on the ¼ mile and run top gas for now along with shooting for the 2011 pro modified championship at RMC!

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