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Jul 9, 2011

Motor Drag Jupiter Z - Full Bore up Yamaha Jupiter Z

This How to is Step to step by Images how to (Korek Mesin) tuning your Jupiter Z motorcycle machine into Motor Drag Jupiter Z full Bore up Yamaha Jupiter Z. Motor Drag Jupiter Z are Modification from motorcycle Yamaha Jupiter Z is one of Yamaha Indonesia products.
Motor Drag Jupiter Z
First You must buy Sparepart Honda Tiger Piston Oversize 0 (63,5 mm), Cylinder Liner Honda Tiger and Some parts like intake valve, exhaust (knalpot).
1. Porting Intake 22mm (RPM 10.000) intake Valve (Klep intake 25mm)
Valve Motor Drag Jupiter Z (Klep valve IN 25mm - Klep valve EX 23mm)
2. Overbore Cylinder Liner Honda Tiger for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
Cylinder Liner and Piston Honda Tiger for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
3. High Velocity Porting
High Velocity Poritng is a techniques to enhance the flow of air in the fuel intake chamber, so that when the machine into a super fast round and the open-close valve is shorter, the air-fuel mixture can be barged into the cylinder.

How To Build High Velocity Porting for Motor Drag Jupiter Z : porting is to patch the holes with epoxy, sliding it around 1mm to get a higher air flow and middle income line we make a cavity for the waiting zone. Ideally is, the power will be saved in the bottom-middle rounds and then struck down exhausted at Round Top. 
High Velocity Porting for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
Porting Intake Valve Motor Drag Jupiter Z
4. Adjust Camshaft Original Jupiter Z into 3,5mm 
Camshaft Original Noken as Yamaha  Jupiter Z
Adjust into 3,5mm Noken as Jupiter Z for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
and for Last but not least install exhaust for high performance, you can use AHAU racing products for Motor Drag Jupiter Z or you can build custom exhaust in accordance with the characteristics of the machine motor drag Jupiter Z.
AHAU racing products for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
Custom Exhaust from R.A.T for Motor Drag Jupiter Z
Optional for more upgrade Motor Drag Jupiter Z : Gear Box Super Close for More Accelerating your Motor Drag Jupiter Z. [Source : and other resource]
Motor Drag Yamaha Jupiter Z


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