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Jul 8, 2011

Motor Drag Satria

Motor Drag Satria modification are from Suzuki Satria F150, as we know Suzuki Satria F150 are faster at most 150cc motorcycles class, Specs Suzuki Satria F150  Hyper Underbone, caryying moge technology, or a DOHC Twin Cam engine, 4-valve, 4-stroke, 150cc, equipped air-cooled/sacs (Suzuki advanced cooling system) supported 6-speed transmission is responsive.
Suzuki Satria F150 Hyper Underbone
This Suzuki Satria F150 very suitable to be used as Motor Drag SatriaBelow are Collections of images Motor Drag Satria.
Motor Drag Satria

Motor Drag Satria F150
Motor Drag Suzuki Satria F150


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