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Apr 19, 2011

Suzuki Satria F-150

This Motor Drag Satria FU 150 250cc Owned by David Indrawan. Modified by B2X.
Engine Specifications Motor Drag Suzuki Satria F-150.

Piston diameter 70 mm using Piston from Yamaha Scorpio, and using block engine from Suzuki Raider with changing boring or cylinder liner. the capacity of the cylinder can be measured. With the piston or piston diameter 70 mm, the volume of a cylinder 232.7 cc. But according hell Belex total stroke 64 mm. If Belex bener, cylinder capacity can be calculated exactly. Piston stroke of 70 mm and 64 mm, the cylinder volume is 246.2 cc Belex version. 250cc fulfilled.
Motor Drag Liar Suzuki Satria F-150
Two versions of a cylinder capacity is indeed confuse. But can be seen propped aluminum block 9 mm and added three paper gasket. With the application of handlebars piston Yamaha RX-Z.

But to apply the handlebars RX-Z must play the boss. Belex words, the hole in the handlebars piston pen RX-Z after bearing fitted with bamboo become 15 mm. While the pen's piston Scorpio 16 mm. "The solution must be installed in the piston boss," explained Belex willing to fight opponents who plan korekan Yamaha Mio's Biker Zone.

To play on the track length, the compression ratio play at 11.3: 1. Dibarengin with the use of carburetor Keihin PE 28. However, because the cylinder capacity is big, venturi hole grew. Now be 30.5 mm. Nozzle used in the pilot-jet 60 and the main-jet 140. With integrated front sprocket 15 and rear 38.To go down on the track 500 meters.

Cylinder which has big capacity must be balanced the rate of fuel gas is more big, too. For it must apply to a wide umbrella valve. By Belex fitted with suction valve 26 and exhaust 23. Valve using from Suzuki Thunder.


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